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Furniture & Décor

You crave a space that feels complete and has all those finishing touches. Bring together your look with a combination of expert sourced pieces, custom-fabricated items, and one-of-a kind finds.

Each furniture and décor package is completely unique. We draw upon an ever-changing roster of local and international suppliers, offering our clients an expert mix of hidden gems, custom-fabricated items, and items only available to the trade.

1. Setting the design direction

It all starts with you. We identify your design objectives, explore your style leanings, and discuss how you inhabit your space.

Next, we consider the architecture – should we lead, or should we follow? Perhaps we take a cue from your home’s original structure and highlight it, or maybe we choose a different direction to create an entirely new feel.

We bring it all together with a vision – simply put, it’s a creative process! Every space contains within it something that inspires. Often, it’s hard to pinpoint that particular something but even the way light fills an empty room can start us on the designing path.

Once we gather and study all the necessary information we present you with a creative brief, communicating the vision with the help of mood boards, floor plans and 3D renderings.

2. Implementation

Together we review your plan and from there create the final specifications document that details all the approved items for purchase. We take care of purchasing, manage the budget, track shipping, and manage your items onsite once they arrive.
Sometimes only a custom piece can achieve the desired effect. In addition to sourced pieces, we design and commission custom millwork, furniture, rugs, lighting and even plumbing fixtures, to elevate your interior.

3. Styling

Our goal is to leave no detail unconsidered. We can provide onsite styling for everything from art allocation to library curation, tabletop decor and all manner of accessories.