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A home should feel flexible, engaging and invite one to live in it.
With over 15 years of experience in design and home improvement, Elana has earned a reputation for having a keen sense for what clients want. As principal designer and creative director of Emme Design, Elana has helped countless clients achieve a clear vision of their style and renovation requirements, giving them the confidence to make the investment in their home’s potential.
Compelled to create one-of-a-kind spaces, Elana begins every project with a vision. Informed by the client and the natural conditions of the site and structure, Elana builds a creative brief of clever solutions and inspiring materials. While good, thoughtful design requires discipline, Elana believes that personalized space should have a lightness about it and invite some play – perfectionism in design feels too precious.
Elana founded full-service studio Emme Design in 2015 following many years of curating content for HGTV and Food Network. Her love of fashion and appreciation for the classical and contemporary arts was nurtured by a lifetime of travel and consuming all manner of culture. She has had primarily an arts education and holds an HBA from York University.

— Elana Safronsky

Elana Safronsky